Review Rating Scale

I use a 5 star rating scale. While I know that many reviewers have some strict guidelines as to what constitutes a certain star rating, the way that I rate books is a little more relaxed. How I feel when I have finished is what points me in the appropriate direction when assigning a rating. My 5 star scale looks loosely like this:

5/5: I am going to shout at people to read this book until they finally do!

4/5: I really enjoyed the book but, there is usually one element I did not enjoy that I was unable to overlook. I will recommend this book.

3/5: I enjoyed this, I consider a 3 star rating a good book! However, there were several things missing that I explicitly state in my review. I would still recommend this to other readers.

2/5: I probably enjoyed the premise of this book or one of the main characters but, did not feel that the story was executed well. The story is lacking quite a bit to receive this rating from me and I would probably not recommend this book to someone.

1/5: If a book receives this rating from me, I have regretted not calling it quits before the end.